Thursday, March 1, 2018

A New "Willow" Bonsai Pot

Waaay back a couple of years ago I made a pot when I was having a bit of a play round with shapes.  It was bought by a lady who was going to use it for her willows.

They need plenty of water and are quite at home being left in a dish full of the stuff....especially from Spring to Autumn.
Another bonsai enthusiast asked me about the middle of last year if I could make another one about the same.   The pot was made in no time at all, but waiting on the creation of another glaze that was similar to the original about as time consuming as watching paint dry :)

Well after 8 months I finally have a glaze that is pretty similar.
After the glaze was poured on.  This plain powdery looking glaze doesn't look anything like a blue/green....but after the kiln does its "magic" the result is nothing but amazing.
I use pretty basic equipment to do my glazing.  A glass jug, and a large washing/laundry basin.  Oh yes...and a stirring stick. The glaze ingredients tend to settle on the bottom of the bucket, so there is a compulsory stirring time before I begin of at least a couple of minutes with this one.
Snugly nestled in amongst some other pots.  I was a little worried that it may have been too close to the kiln elements, as sometimes these type of pots can "move" at high temps.  The last thing I needed was a pot stuck to the kiln wall with rock hard glaze.  Closed the kiln up....crossed my fingers and hoped the "kiln gods" would look over it favourably :)
Two days later!!   Really pleased with the outside.
The thicker this glaze is, the darker the blue.  The parts of the bonsai pot with just a single layer on the outside are a greenish colour.  The added grog in the clay adds to the inside texture of the "willow" pot.
I didn't put glaze right down to the bottom of the pot as was asked because I was a little unsure if it would run and stick to the kiln shelf below it.  With a single glaze layer, this one didn't run at all. 
It can be used for lots more....just the name "willow" pot stuck with me after that was what was planted in the original one.

It's always good to try something new.

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