Thursday, February 21, 2013

The kiln was unloaded this morning.  Great relief once again........ everything came out perfectly as far as I can see.

All of the big bonsai pots I've made over the last 3 weeks have been dried REALLY SLOWLY in a large black rubbish bag.  I changed the newspaper they were sitting on both the bottom and the top every day, and after the first week I opened the end a little to let the air circulate.   So far, so good.  I've just got to get them through the next glaze firing though, so only halfway there!

This larger oval tray is about 44cm long, very shallow.
A few crinkle marks in the clay from the newspaper when rolling the slab out though.

This is quite a wide oval about 39cm wide at the moment.  I decided to try not putting a drainage hole in the middle and only put them around the outside edge to perhaps make it stronger.

I love these wee mame pots. Enscribed with a Kiwi Style pattern.  Really enjoyable to make, but time consuming

This slab is about 50cm long at the moment, it'll shrink a bit more in the glaze firing, very happy with it so far.

The rest of my bits n bobs of bonsai pots.

I'll have to get out to the garage tomorrow and start on the glazing and oxide washing.  Fingers crossed it goes off without a hitch this time as well.

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