Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Little Decoration on Bonsai Pot

There's nothing more relaxing than spending time sitting in a comfy chair, sun streaming in through the windows and a quiet breeze sneeking though the door as I do a bit of carving on a pot that was made yesterday.

Not as serene and quiet as you may think though.....Fleetwood Mac was blarrring in the background.   It's just the way I like to work....sometimes quiet is nice, but much prefer a bit of music to sing along with.  Well, I make the odd sound, but wouldn't really call it singing.

Back to the pots.   
Some say that Bonsai Pots must not be too fancy, or catch your eye too much.  Fair enough I think, but as I don't enter in fancy competitions and not alot of others see my trees, I just do what I want.   If you want to be pedantic and stick to the rules, good on you, but I will do as I please when making pots and matching them with my trees.
I had a bit of time to think about something that I found out unexpectedly this morning.  The place I get my clay from in Dunedin has closed down.  The chap was wonderful, very accomodating and even met me half way at Balclutha to drop off clay to me, saving me another hours travelling time.  Always a gentleman and carried the bags of clay to the car for me.  It was always an excuse to go to Dunedin for the day!   Now I'm going to have to get my clay from the North Island......the freight cost is gonna kill me.  Will have to sort out my options and see who can offer the best deal, either way it will never be as sweet as it was with my local clay supplier. It's always good to have a bit of a personal connection with a product, rather than just ordering everything online and deal with impersonal emails instead of "real" people......will miss it Barry :( 
Just finished making a couple of larger rounds  They've just been covered in plastic for a while as with this warm weather they tend to dry out fairly quickly, especially the sides and rims.  It needs to dry at the same rate all over the pot, otherwise it sets up stresses where the clay has at different levels of moisture and contracts at different rates. 
Back to making ovals tomorrow I guess.....been behaving a bit like a squirrell lately and stashing things away for later in the year.  I've decided this will be the year when I have plenty of pots for repotting and other occasions, my secret stash will NOT be broken into...famous last words!   YEH RIGHT.