Friday, May 23, 2014

Larches Nagging at me to be Worked On

They'd been shoved from one part of the garden to the other.  They were in the "get round to it" basket.  Unfortunately that was a couple of years ago.

I took one along to the club workshop last month and only managed to get 2 or 3 branches trimmed and wired up.  It's been sitting on the deck in front of the lounge ever since.  Taunting me, begging to be finished every time I walked past.

Enough was enough!  I bought her inside out of the rain and worked on it during the evening.  So much better than sitting back watching tele.  I didn't take a before and after photo of these, but they looked quite overgrown and neglected

I was quite pleased with how it ended up.  Its quite a feminine looking tree.  In a few years once the foliage pads fill out it'll be better.  Its well and truly over potted, but she's still growing strongly and is healthy - that's important to me.

This one was also taken inside and tidied up during one long evening.  Its still got lots of growing to do as well.  It was put into a crescent type pot that matched the shape of the trunk.  It looks better in person than it does in the photo.

It's also a feminine looking tree.  The larch's look beautiful in the winter when you can see the silhouette of the trunk and branches.  Once again it needs the foliage pads to fill out.

I'm no expert at wiring, but was quite pleased with the result.  Hopefully by the end of winter the wire wont have tightened up too much, so I'll have to keep an eye on it as the copper wire is quite fine and tends to dig in a little more quickly than the thicker aluminium wire.

In the background trying to hide away is the last of the three to be tidied up.  It's a little different as it has a very straight trunk.  It also has lots of growth from the previous year.

It hasn't quite lost all of its needles yet for some reason, so perhaps it will have a lucky escape for another few weeks.  Hmmm.... might leave it on the deck until I decide what I should do with her. Perhaps a major makeover is necessary as it looks a little stumpy.

I've decided to take the photos at night as it gives them a dark background and they stand out more.  Must try it again with different trees.