Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It started out as a Traditional Slab but ended up looking like this

Seems to happen quite often.

Sometimes with making bonsai pots you have a rough idea in your head, but when it actually comes down to it,  the clay seems to want you to make it into something else. So I just go with the flow.

I guess thats why I enjoy making the rustic type pots and slabs. The traditional rules of proportion and shapes etc dont apply.   With these you can be a bit more creative.

This one's about 47cm long.  It'll shrink alot as it drys.

I managed to take these photos on the way to the laundry.  No I don't leave clay pots sitting on the kitchen table (not any more)

It'll be covered with a black rubbish bag and left to dry very slowly.

The freezer in the laundry is now covered with drying pots.  Its a bit of a mission getting meat out for tea at times.  I hold the lid up gently, while my daughter puts her little hand through the  gap and grabs whatever she can reach.  The pots havent managed to slide off yet - touch wood.

Those potters that have a studio are soooo lucky.   Maybe one day (sigh)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Copper Wire versus Aluminium Bonsai Wire

Recently I managed to get hold of some reasonably priced copper wire. I choose three different thicknesses. I'd heard a few different thoughts on whether its better to use than the aluminium I normally use.

So I bit the bullet and tried wiring up a very leggy pine during the late autumn.

Having heard that once the wire is wrapped around a branch it goes quite hard  I proceeded with caution...... and guess what, it doesnt go so hard so you cant bend it again.  But it does harden up more than aluminium.    But on the other hand... I wonder what it will be like in 3 or 4 months.   I've been told that you have to cut copper wire off as its too hard to unwind without damaging the bark.  So I guess I'll have to wait and see.

 I dont fancy having a bucket full of cut off bits of copper wire that I cant use again.   I'm too much of a scrooge for that.   No one from the Gore Bonsai Club uses it, and a few other bonsai addicts I know dont use it either.

I know the price is what puts people off buying it.  But the width of the wire that you use is alot less than the aluminium wire with the same holding power, so it doesnt work out as expensive as you think..

Dont look too hard at my wiring....still got lots to learn!

Has any one out there ever tried it, and how did you get on?

Its nice to use, but I'm almost a little scared to try it on much else in case it sets rock hard.