Friday, July 25, 2014

Bonsai Pots for Sale, Finally


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Fionna Burgess

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whats this, my Kowhai has Flowers

I keep this bonsai on my full view, walk past it a dozen times a day.

We had a 10degree frost the other morning and all of the trees were glistening as the sun was coming up.

Great,  I'll take some pics I thought.

The kowhai was first on the list.

To my amazement it had at least 5 little yellow flowers nestled away in amongst the foliage. 

Crickey..... doesn't it know its the middle of winter!

A closer look,  couldn't believe my eyes. 

 There's a bit of a story behind this tree.

About 4 months ago (summer) it suddenly lost its wee leaves and I thought it was on its way out.  Perhaps it has gotten too wet or too cold.

I popped it in the shade house for a month and it came back to life.  It had me puzzled as to why this had happened.

Then I realised.

I usually keep the vegetable cooking water and pour it over my trees on the deck over the summer time.  A few extra vitamins and minerals wouldn't hurt.  Unfortunately I think that perhaps I had put some salt in with the veges as they were cooking and had poured the slightly salted water over this kowhai.  Its a wonder it didn't die completely!

Perhaps I'd given it so much of a shock that it's tried to reproduce itself by producing flowers, regardless of the season. 

Why its happened is a mystery.....but a very welcome one.