Friday, January 25, 2013

Some new bonsai pots - fresh out of the kiln


I love mornings like this.  I'm sure the heart starts beating faster in anticipation of that kiln lid opening.

This time I wasnt greeted by a broken pot.  As each kiln shelf was taken out, there was a quick sigh of relief that all the work that was put in making these pots had been worthwile.

My daughter and I took some pictures to share with anyone who may be interested.  Normally I put one or two on Trademe, but with their success and listing fees taking quite a chunk out of what I may get for them, we are reconsidering how we might go about things in the future.

Any way, back to the pots.

 The glaze on this large pot is just lovely.  Its a matt crystaline glaze.  If you look closely you can see the crystals that have grown as the pot has slowly been cooled down in the kiln.  If its cooled too quick they dont have time to grow.  Thats how I understand it happens-not sure if its right though.

People have been asking for large plain brown pots.  This one turned out quite nice as well.  Its been washed with an iron oxide mix.  You can see the throwing ridges a little from being made on the wheel.

The clay has quite a bit of grog in it for strength.  Its quite fine though.

 Another wee rustic looking pot.  You cant really see the texture too much on the photo, but there was some quite coarse grog rolled into the clay before it was shaped.  Quite nice,

The two smaller pots below had been fired previously, but I didnt like how they turned out, so I put them in again in this firing. The glaze has evened out more, and is a very nice dark brown.

I'll have to start making some more as the drying cupboard is bare yet again.

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Cheers, Fionna