Monday, June 5, 2017

Yikes.....It's Frosty

It's 10.45am and still no sun hits our much as I love trees, when the neighbours untrimmed trees shade our home most of the winter months I tend to get a bit grizzly.   With a frost it's even worse.
Fortunately my many bonsai trees don't give me that problem.  The only things they shade is the odd mushroom and pesky weeds.
Having frosty nights means that once again I have to haul my just made bonsai pots into the house where most of the time it's a bit warmer than the garage. I lost many out in the garage over the last few years as the wet clay froze and ruined was always the sneaky frosts that got them. Sometimes I'd go outside and think na there isnt going to be a frost tonight so I'll leave the pots I'd made that afternoon out there.  That's when you get caught out!

So once again the family has to share the kitchen table and any other spare area with a heap of wet clay pots.

We can't leave them on the ground any more as we now have a very curious little puppy who like to gallop over anything and everything. Clay would be lots of fun for him.

Roll on Spring.  Love it when the sun rises higher in the sky then.....means more sun coming through the windows than winter...sigh, just a few more months to wait!