Saturday, February 24, 2018

Another Opportunity to Display our Club Bonsai

That time of year rolled around again.....the opportunity to display/show some of our club bonsai at the Gore Garden Club Show.
They support us every year with quite a long layered shelved space in their hall full of prize flowers/veges/crafts and childrens competitions.
It had been raining for the last couple of days so all of my trees were soaked and heavy to carry.  Not wanting to ruin the lovely material covering the show shelves, I bought the ones I was taking inside to dry out a bit.  They needed a big tidy up and a bit of trimming off of scorched leaves to make them look half pie decent.
Note to self....never leave scissors laying down on the floor.  Wee "Alfie" managed to chew off the end of the thumb hole on my only sharp pair.
Tidied up and put in the back of the wee car.  Quite a snug fit, but at least they wouldn't fall over.
Being the first to arrive with trees, I had the pick of positions in the different categories.  In the back of my mind I was really hoping that the other club members would bring quite a few more along.  It'd be a bit embarrasing to not have enough to cover the large area we had been given.
This group of Alders has been struggling all summer, not alot of leaves left on it.
The leaves on this Chinese Elm are on the verge of turning into their Autumn colours....perhaps the result of stress with a hot January 
I wasn't going to take this Pine, but I thought it was something a little it turned out, quite alot of people loved it.
This maple is displaying its Autumn colours a tad early....just beautiful.
Two days later I ventured back to Gore to collect my trees.  Thankfully another 4 club members had managed to bring along quite a few more trees as promised.   Phew!

We had a nice wee display of different styles and sizes of bonsai....even if we were gate crashed by some rather cute looking handmade dolls.