Saturday, May 6, 2017

Finding Inspiration in a Fallen Leaf

Sarah bought along a huge fallen Scarlet Oak leaf to our last Gore Bonsai Club Workshop.....picked up in the park while taking the dog for a run.  Great find!
Our theme for the day was Autumn Colour and used this with the help of a local lady who was in the Gore Photographic Club to attempt to better the use of our cameras.
I brought this leaf home and had a wee play with it.  Did the obvious thing - cutting out the leaf shape.  Then tried joining some of the offcuts to make the unusual looking accent bonsai pot.  Be interesting to see how it turns out with glaze on it.
I'll add a couple of random looking feet later.  Never would have made this pot if Sarah hadn't bought that leaf along.

Nature is the best inspiration for a lot of things in life.