Friday, April 28, 2017

Mossing up some small Bonsai

The members of the Gore Bonsai Club had the opportunity to learn from a local Photography Club member on how to take photos of our bonsai trees, and how to work our cameras in general.
We took along a few trees.  I personally think that they look so much better with a layer of fresh moss covering the soil - especially on smaller trees (shohin/mame)
I only had time to moss one tree at the workshop, but loved the result so much that I went home and picked a few smaller ones out and mossed them as well.
Love this little miniature Rhododendron, has a couple of purple flowers on it for some reason
A very young little native totara
A little maple that refuses to drop its leaves during the autumn!
This little maple was from a cutting 4 years ago, beautiful in leaf, the moss sets the colour of the bark and branches.  
I put these near my front door so I can see and enjoy the look of the green mossy blanket over the winter time. Some people say you shouldnt ever moss your trees unless they are going in an exhibition or show, but I figure that if you like it, do it.  It doesnt seem to hurt these wee fellas and gives me much pleasure.