Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bonsai Garden Having a Tidy Up

It's May now (late autumn/early winter) wouldn't know it by the warm temperatures we've been having recently.  I decided it was well and truly time for a bit of a tidy up in the garden.
There seemed to be more green on the ground than on my bonsai.  Time to weed, take old leaves off and think about what would need a good trim up just before spring.
You can actually see the path now that all that "bug repellent" plant has been removed.  These will all stay on the ground over the winter.
There's a group of 9 larch here that'll be made into a group planting this year.  They aren't much to look at individually, but might make a nice looking bonsai forest.  There's a mixture of larix decidua and kempferii, the difference isn't too noticeable, just the colour of the buds.
I had to dig these two pots out with a spade. These dawn redwoods are moisture lovers and don't care how they get it!  You can tell they weren't turned regularly.

The bottom of this plastic pot wont last another year.....looks like I'll have to make one for it.
I came across this pine that had been left to its own devices for the last couple or three years.  Lots of old dead needles to remove.  It's starting to look quite leggy and I've been tempted to cut the shoots back......but what is the right time of the year to do that.  I know there is a big difference depending on whether its a black or white pine.   All I know about this one is that the needles are in bundles of 2, so its not radiata(3) or white pine (5)
Looks 100% better tidied up.
It's times like now that I wish there was an experienced bonsai enthusiast handy.  I have a rough idea what I want the tree to look like, but it would be nice to have another opinion and a bit of a hand.  Its hard to learn when there's no one to bounce ideas off.  The Internet is good, but it'll never take the place of a face to face discussion...especially for a "hands on learner" such as myself.
It had that literati style look about it, but is now quite overgrown and tall.  I'll put it close to my cuppa tea seat and study it over the next week or two.....any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Looking at another 20degree day tomorrow, perhaps the back half of the garden might get some attention....nice way to spend Mothers Day I think.