Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bonsai Wire - How to Waste Away a Couple of Hours

Yes I know all the experts say to cut your bonsai wire off and not to unwind it.
Easy enough to do, but gosh what a WASTE!

Being from Scotish descent, this didnt go down well with me.  Ever since I first ventured into the hobby of bonsai, it amazed me to hear and see "experts" that never reused bonsai wire. Yes, I know the reason - it can damage the fragile outer layer of bark as its unwound.  But by not doing it, it can also damage the bank balance, and the frustration of not having enough wire left to finish a tree!

I'm the first to admit that I'm too much of a scrooge to throw out bits of cut off wire when if you're really careful you can unwind that aluminium wire and reuse it.
Mind you.....after a couple of hours hunched over the edge of the couch unbending and straightening a box full of the stuff that the thought of using nice new wire was starting to appeal.

Yep, I straightened out every last little piece of wire, although I suspect some of the really tiny lengths will probably never be used again. (had my "fury helper" again, he loves box's)
I had the opportunity to purchase some wire from a Gore Bonsai Club member that passed away nearly a year ago. She obviously had the same philosophy as I do, never to throw anything out as it may come in handy some day.  There were box's of pots, drainage mesh, lots and lots of used wire, and some packets that hadnt even been opened.   Thankyou Helen, I'm sure you were smiling down on the club members that left our workshop this afternoon with some of your goodies, happy knowing that they will be used and not stuck in a dark wee shed somewhere never to see the light of day again.
Thats the beauty of bonsai, pretty much everything you use can be recycled and passed on to other enthusiasts - the pots, wire, mesh, tools, even sometimes the bonsai.  Most importantly the knowlege can be passed on.....over and over again and it doesnt cost anything to share.