Sunday, May 16, 2021

More New #Bonsai Pots....It's Been a While

NEW WEBSITE :   Fionna's Bonsai Pots

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A few new #bonsai pots out of the kiln from last week.
My style is changing as I'm steering away from many of the glazes I'd once used.  A loud, punching me right in the face colour isn't a type of pot that I use myself, much preferring a quite calm colour or subtle texture instead.

That's just me......I know of quite a few people who love the pretty bright shiny glow of a small shohin or mame pot.

Texture is now the thing that really appeals to me at the moment.

Still lovin the good old ivory crackled pots though!

There is a newish line of bonsai pots in the pipeline....the colour is a beautiful smooth dark brown.  It enables me to do a bit of subtle carving around the rims without taking the balance of the pot away from the bonsai tree.

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