Monday, November 6, 2017


Contrary to popular belief we in Southland do get the odd bit of sunshine. I'll have to dispell the myth that there are polar bears roaming our icy sub antartic streets at this end of the country.
This week we had a little too much too soon for some of my wee bonsai.   Mostly it was the deciduous trees that were affected.  They'd furiously been sending out fresh new growth, running riot after there long hibernation over winter.
We knew it was coming, they'd been forcasting unseasonally warm sunny days, but gosh, the last few days left both me and the trees feeling a little wilted!
I managed to water pretty much all of the trees in the morning, thinking that'll do them until wrong I was.
Hornbeam leaves
There isn't alot I can do about it now that the damage has been done. They've been put aside in a shady area to getover their sunstroke/sunburn and rehydrate properly.
The Italian Alder will probably recover as they're as tough as ol' boots, but the Hawthorn might be a different cup of tea.  There are a few small bits of green still remaining, but the rest of the leaves have been totalled.
Hoping that I havent lost this Hawthorn (below) completely.  It doesnt look good at all.  It's surprising just how quickly the leaves go brown when they've basically been cooked/dehydrated.
If this is the damage done to the leaves, it makes you wonder whats going on with the roots, cambium, phloem water transport system in the tree.   Only time will tell.
This Redwood feared a little better as it was only the very very soft tips that got scorched, a quick trim and you'd never notice the stress and trauma they'd been through.
WHAT I'VE LEARNED....listen to the weather forecast!  Make sure all of the water barrels and tanks are topped up ready for the onslaught of watering cans about to be dipped and splashed about.   Last of all, do a rain dance and pray for rain, during the night would be good ☂🌧