Sunday, September 18, 2016

Needed These Bonsai Pots Dried in a Hurry!

What do you do when the kiln needs to be fired and you've got no little pots to fill in all the wee spaces on the shelves?
Answer:  Quickly make a batch of little ones up, put them on a couple of Hardy Plank bats, on top of a nice warm fire.
Within half an hour or less they had firmed up to leatherhard, were trimmed up, rivots added, and put back on the fireplace for another hour or two.
Hey presto.....they were ready to load into the kiln with the other pots tonight.
Not something I recommend to do normally, but with these very small bonsai pots a "quick dry" doesnt seem to have any detrimental effects (cracking)
WARNING:  You'll sweat like crazy if you're inside....was a warm mild day, so didnt really need the fire going at all!
These little "uns were placed in all the wee nooks and crannies on the shelves along with all these other larger ovals.
Happy days!!