Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gore Flower Show 2016, Bonsai

This is what greeted us as we walked in the doors....the theme of the show was "the sixties"
Our bonsai section was a little sparse in places, no group plantings and some sections with just 2 entries.
 Our shelves to display them were a little narrow for all but the small potted trees, with some hanging precariously over the edge.
 This is one of my Picea that I was told to "bin" 4 or 5 years ago. It has a straight area on the trunk, and forks etc, but with a hastily done tidy up it came up not too bad in my opinion.
 There were bumble bees scattered around all the exhibits  for the kids to find and get a prize for the correct numbers.
 We had only 6 exhibitors, so we did fairly well.....the trees were moved around a bit by others and perhaps were not shown at there best with the shelves being quite low.  The top shelf was good though.
My Chinese Elm was taken off the display area and put up the front on the "Champion's Table".  It was in the over 60cm section.  I was quite chuffed at this as it had been sitting in my bonsai area at home just doing its own thing and growing away quietly, not realising that with a bit of a tidy/trim, it would be destined for this unexpected surprise of gaining the Reserve Champion of the show.  Apparently it was up against a cauliflower for this prize.... still makes me chuckle.