Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Bonsai Pot Disaster

A hard overnight frost put me in the most suckiest (not sure if that's a word) mood in a long while.

I'd just spent all my spare time the previous weekend making some larger bonsai pots - one for someone who had been waiting a while.

Yesterday when I got home I strolled into the garage to check on my pots and make the feet etc, I was greeted by the most heart breaking sight.

The frost had snuck its way into the garage and froze the freshly made pots.  The still wet pots must have defrosted during the day and ended up a cracked useless mess!

I'm normally a fairly placid person, but when I discovered this I was so angry, all that time and effort wasted. 

After I'd calmed down a little I thought I'd share this, as I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened too.

Here's my You tube Channel LINK:

My main concern is that the pots that were waiting to go into the kiln may have fine cracks in them now that I'm unable to see...... do I risk wasting more money by bisque firing them now?  At least I can recycle the freshly made ones, so its not all bad.

They spent the night inside the house with the family last night, and not a work was said by any one, I don't think they were game enough too, considering my mood.

We had another heavy frost last night and the inside of the garage windows where all frozen this morning.

Those of you that have nice heated studios attached to your homes are so lucky in many ways after days like this. (I'm green with envy!)

I love pottery, even with its ups and downs

Looks like I'm going to have to suss out where in the house I can put my pots without causing the least disturbance for the family.  Wish me luck.