Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Couple of "WOW" Bonsai Pots from the Kiln

I'd just opened the kiln from the previous post where I'd loaded it up with a hard to fit moon/cascade pot.
What a beautiful surprise.
I'd made a pot without a drainage hole for a willow that was always drying out and wouldn't perhaps survive much longer without continual access to at least some water on the bottom of the pot.(albeit through a drainage layer)

My daughters first reaction was "it looks like a pond".  It'd be almost a shame to cover up that beautiful coloured shiny glaze on the bottom.  Perhaps a few strategically placed stones above the drainage layer and some water may well create that illusion.  It will be interesting to see what happens to it.
The pot needed to have slits along the sides to enable a little water to drain out when it got to a certain height. While a small fissure type gap would have done, I think I overdid it with the slits I made on it.  However they don't look out of place in the whole scheme of things.
This is a one of a kind pot......the remains of two glazes were mixed together to make enough for this one. A little too much flux meant the glaze ran beautifully, but also ran down the outside onto the shelf.  It adds to the watery flowing nature of the pot. 

I wont hesitate to keep it if it doesn't suit the willows owner!

The other "WOW", or should I perhaps say "SIGH OF RELIEF" was from that crescent that had been tucked away on the bottom and surrounded by other conventionally shaped bonsai pots.

My worst fear was that the top would slump right down in the high glazing temperature and end up flat on the kiln shelf.   But it didn't happen........I feel the pot has a beautiful shape!

The owner to be of this crescent was very happy with it, as was I.  The challenge ahead will be to make one or two more with that same "sweep" shape. 

Overall, this firing was a success, and more importantly, I learned a little more......

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