Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My First Attempt at a Larger Moon/Crescent Bonsai Pot.

Here 'tis.
Its dimensions are: 37cm high x 43cm long x 9cm deep(at lowest point)  30cm wide at bottom
or in inches:  14inches high x 17inches long x 3.5inches deep(at lowest point)  12 inches wide at bottom.                       
Someone a few months ago had asked if I could make one approx. 40cm high and long.  Unfortunately I think this will be as large as I can make without having an extra pair of hands to help handle the sometimes awkward process.
After a bit of head scratching, hunting and innovation I managed to make a larger crescent bonsai pot.  The final shape was a little hit and miss as I had to more or less "hang" it upside down until it got to the leather hard stage.
Its supported by a stick and two big globs of clay at each end.  Its the only way I could think of for supporting the convex part of the pot.  I leaned a piece of gib offcut against the outer wall as well.  Even though its leather hard, there is a lot of stress on that curve. Gravity is saying it should be bending down, and I'm saying "stay up there until you're dry!

There is only a small flat area on the bottom.  I've added lots of small holes instead of large drainage holes.  When I remove the support I'll add one large hole in the middle.
This is the view looking into it.  Its not the view that the pot would be displayed at, so I'm not too bothered about the excess clay on the right side.
  I have a few questions and would value the opinion of some more experienced bonsai enthusiasts. Especially those that have used this type of pot before and have come across problems.

1.    Does it look deep enough for a reasonable sized  trees rootball?

2     I'm worried that it may tip backwards unless there's more weight put on  the front end, (addition of a rock at the front to counterbalance the weight of the top curve?

3.    I haven't added feet as I feel it would spoil the sweeping flick shape. I know it needs to be off the ground slightly for drainage, would a few pebbles/stones placed underneath be enough?

4.    The drainage holes in the bottom, would these small holes and one larger in the middle be enough?

5.    What do you think of the proportions, should it be higher and less long, or longer and more sleek looking?

I personally am really pleased with how its turned out so far, but still a long way to go before its finished.  A bisque and glaze firing to get through first.  Which makes me wonder if I am going to need to support the upper part of the pot in the kiln as well, especially in the glaze firing when the clay gets quite soft at the higher temperatures..... perhaps someone can help out with a suggestion to that wee problem.

Will keep you posted on how she turns out.  Fingers crossed.