Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Bonsai Pots

The kiln was opened a couple of days ago.

Here are a few BEFORE/AFTER pics of some of the bonsai pots.

My favourite once again is the crackled effect pots.

Before bisque and glaze firing
After final glaze firing
 The crackle stands out beautifully. A very nice pot. 
The pot in the background behind this one turned out wonderfully as well. Love the different shades of texture.
 When I take the pots out of the kiln, I can tell a good pot by the feel or it.  Sometimes they just have that little "something" that you cant describe in words, but the look and touch of it is different to many others. I know it sounds a bit odd, but its a bit like people, some have the X factor and others not so much.

There are many more pots from this load, some of which I've added in the Pots for Sale page, and others I'll use for my trees. Repotting time has arrived already