Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some New Little Bonsai Crescents

I've started making 3 or 4 smaller crescent type bonsai pots for someone recently.  Thought I share some pics of them as they are drying. 

 They will have to be bisque fired before they are oxided to a light brown colour and then fired again to 1260-1270 degrees celcius.

Normally when I make a pot for someone I dont just make 1, I always make at least 2, preferably 3.  The chances are that one will suit, and the other two can be used by someone else.
The overhanging piece on these crescents is quite hard to get right without it sagging or wanting to drop backwards. Especially when the clay is quite soft.

I cheat by helping it firm up with a $3 hairdryer from the second hand shop.  I wasnt too popular when I pinched the teenagers hairdryer and managed to get it covered in clay!

The white looking sandy stuff on the bats is a bit of coarse grog.  It just helps the feet from sticking to the bat, I also use it on some pots for texture.