Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stress Cracks during Clay Drying

I've always been bothered by "stress cracks" - they dont normally show up until they're bisque fired.

I popped around the corner to get a pen and spotted our precious wee Millie doing a bit of snoozing in one of my bonsai pots.  She wasnt too impressed being woken up and was quite keen just to sit where she was.  The pot was obviously warm and dry and was a nice place to spend the afternoon.

Now I'm not sure just how much she weighs - and the pot was dry - she wasnt jumping round pretending to be a kangaroo, so hopefully no damage has been done.  Had a good look after she slinked away in disgust, apart from a couple of cat hairs, no cracks were found........lucky this time!!!!!

Hmmmm..... perhaps these pots will turn out "purrrrrrfect"