Monday, April 8, 2013

You've gotta laugh, the bonsai pot that would sit nicely on a hill

Hmmm.... what not to do when you're in a hurry to do something else.

I'd always known that clay had a "memory".

Normally I wait until the clay firms up (5 or 6 hours)  before I'd even attempt to handle it, but not this time...I was in a hurry!   So I picked up the top quickly and the ends sagged.  But I quickly put it down and carried on with the base and feet.  I thought everything would be OK as it straightened out nicely and looked like it was going to be a nice big oval pot.

But oh no...... as it dried slowly the side rose up and made a nice curve in the pot.  You can see exactly where I picked it up on the sides.

So even though you may be able to fix up any distortions in clay before it gets too firm again, the clay still remembers and tries to revert back to the original shape it was moved into.  

LESSON LEARNED....... the pot I've spent a couple of hours making is now destined for the scrap bucket.   Or perhaps I should put it somewhere obvious to remind me about what NOT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE IN A HURRY.
I've made a roundish slab pot just to see how it turns out.  Looking good so far. (50cm diameter) its done most of its shrinking now.

Its been left sitting on top of the freezer in the wash house.  Not the most practical place to put it, but its the coolest part of the house, as the "man cave" is being used for sanding down man things!
Love the texture on it.  With any luck this one will shrink down so its small enough to fit in the kiln with out having to trim it down some.  Yes, I have made the odd one that's too big to fit!!
 This is the pot that I've thrown just an hour ago.  Its made from a nice new clay that I'd been given to try out.  Its sooo smooth and lovely to work with.  Its just a new clay but its suited to larger pieces and has alot more strength during construction.  Keeping my fingers crossed!   This pot is about 42cm diameter at the moment in its wet state, but it'll shrink  as it dries. Not sure if I should keep it plain or put rivets on it....plain is always nice.  That seems to be what people want the most.

Any way, I'd better get back the mess I left in the garage, hubby's got truck parts all over the place, DOESN'T HE KNOW I NEED THE SPACE!

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