Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I was "kicked out" of the house about 6 months ago.  I guess the rest of the family didnt appreciate me covering the kitchen table with clay and bits of half finished bonsai pots.  A few meals were eaten on the sofa as I couldnt (didnt want to) shift anything off.    Luxing up clay that had accidentally dropped onto the carpet and had been stood on, was another matter entirely!

Anyway,  I've now taken over some of my husbands garage.  Just a little at first - a table and a shelf.  Then a little bit more - room for a kiln.  It had its advantages for him though.  In order for the kiln to work we had to get power put in the garage, something we hadnt got round to for 5 years! So I think that soffened the blow of me pinching a bit of his space.

I've taken some pictures of my wee (large) corner.  Pictured are some of the pots that I've made, mostly smaller as the larger ones dont seem to stay around long.

A few pots drying, almost ready to be fired.  I usually cover them with an old sheet to stop the dust and stuff that gets blown in the garage doors when hubby's working in there.

A few more pots drying, have uncovered them to take photos.

About to add the bottom onto a shallow bonsai tray.

All done. 

Trimmed up the edges

Added some tying in and drainage holes.  Not sure if they're large enough.  The larger I make the drainage holes, the higher the chance of cracking.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong yet!
I've left this one well covered up to dry slowly......hopefully it wont warp too much.

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